Fijne Deuntjes


Intents 2017

Kaarten Kopen
  • Date: mei 28, 2017
  • Time: 15:00
  • Location: Oisterwijk, Nederland
  • Venue: Intents Festival

Intents Festival 2017 – Oisterwijk – Netherlands

10 januari, 20.00u: weekend & camping tickets
12 januari, 20.00u: regular tickets

Intents Festival – presale 10 & 12 January 2017

Are you ready to laugh in the face of danger and enter the ring of fire…? Then pack your bags and prepare for an extravagant quest like no other!

The craziest circus is coming to town and you’re all summoned to join the performance!
Cotton candy, gravity-defying stunts, twinkling lights, uncanny clowns, breath-taking acrobatics, amusing side-shows and pyromania, all knit together in a non-stop exhilarating spectacle!
Feast your eyes on the show of all shows and make sure you are present at Intents Festival 2017!

Minimum age: 17 years